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_________________let's do coke like we're vacuums and dance our troubles away [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Sep 2005|09:03pm]





addddddd it.

and for those of you who dwell on the past and still read other peoples journals of people who saw the true you long ago....its friends only. :]

and while we're at it. you need to grow up and give me my cd back. and we all know dustin never liked me but it gives you such a joy to rub it in my face. and to stab me in the back with him and make him hate me because you like to talk shit too much because its all you know how to do.

on the count of three // everybody overdose

[12 Sep 2005|03:57pm]

ill add [almost]everyone who i have on this list and let them know some later time.
and im not giving out the name on this journal.
everybody overdose

assholeeeee. [09 Aug 2005|10:21am]
don't even talk to me anymore.
i tried being honest with you BECAUSE ITS WHAT YOU NEED.
you cant even take honesty.
so go cry about your life in a corner cuz i really dont care anymore.
i will miss your bed though.
but it isnt nearly as comfortable as mine.

ps leslie is hottttttttttt
on the count of three // everybody overdose

[04 Aug 2005|10:40am]
so if YOU read this...
read it.
i dont want it to end.
but whatever.
if you cant be happy for me then maybe you arent a true freind.
i was ALWAYS happy for you when you were with another girl.
and im going to be the bigger person and admit i was being immature and trying to hurt your feelings.
im sorry for that.
thats all.
on the count of three // everybody overdose

[08 Jul 2005|01:04pm]

my pet!

thats my pet llama.
elizabeth <3's steve
everybody overdose

[22 Jun 2005|11:50am]

so like i'm in love with The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

one of the best cd's i have bought recently next to the new As I Lay Dying.

which you should go buy too

i am painting my room bright green. i have 2 walls that are bright pink and i am changing them to green. because green is cooler. and im putting some sort of quote on the walla above my closet.

on the count of three // everybody overdose

[13 Jun 2005|12:12pm]
i want anew screen name
something having to do with either the words:

or a combination of all those.

someone help me.....


on the count of three // everybody overdose

ahhhhhhh straightfuckingedge! [07 May 2005|02:27pm]
im slightly dissapointed now
laura got even more too cool for me.
when i first met her she told me how she only had one friend that was a girl and then brittanie got added to that circle and she blew off her other girl friend.
and now laura is better friends with this other Liz and brittknee and i get screwed over like Anna(Lauras old girl friend) did. its sad and i wish i had seen it coming because i like laura alot and i love hanging out with her.
it happens all the time yet im not used to it.
except this time it hurt a little more

on the count of three // everybody overdose

you were there...and it was good in the beginning. [30 Apr 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

sooooooooo...show last night was pretty fucking awesome
josh was there
and brittany
i love her
she is so awesome.
and this dude who dresses up in weird shit was at this show and everyone i was with was like...you have to meet him and i was soo scared and i started crying and i ran away and it gave me a panic attack...
im a pansy..i knowwww.
but drop dead comma gorgeous were super good.
i like them a lot
and then classic horror ending was awesome and the singer a jaxx is rad.
good times.
during classic horror ending the boys i were with started their dancing as usual and some stupid kids decided they were gonna try and mosh and well...shit hit the fan.
and then after the show the same boys who started moshing starting calling laura a bitch and shit...and all the boys who have the up most respect for woman lost it (again) and woah.
after we went to this kid Cole's hizouse who is in classic horror ending to watch people play polish ping pong. funny shit
and then...i came home. thats my friday night.
next friday
ADAI and classic horror ending show.
be there


ps...fuck liking people
everyone i tell...or in this case brittanie told without me knowing but she acted like me..
becomes an ass to me afterwards. typical. i mean what can i expect right. asdjkghsdkfjhlsdfgf

on the count of three // everybody overdose

here's to cheap sex and codine.. [28 Apr 2005|09:00pm]
so i am here because myspace is undergoing some maitnence.
i cant spell worth crap
i did absolutly nothing today
on my day off
i took some pictures of myself..
wanna see?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
well that was fun wasnt it?
im ugly...i know
but i have some fucking cool hair right?
and well yeah
tomorrow i should be back to school...
but i have a mental health doctor appointment...
for my medication check up crap and so i can get a therapist.
oh joy!
well...i suppose everyone have a nice night.
peace out homie g izzles
on the count of three // everybody overdose

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